Introduction to Tools & Tasks 4 Tech
by courosa

Welcome! You are at the beginning of a self-guided learning journey.

As educators, we are aware that we need to continually learn. Here is an opportunity to explore current technology tools relevant for use in your curriculum and classroom.

To complete this technology professional development course will require dedication and determination to keep moving through technical glitches and “technology-overload” and sustained effort to learn and use these completely new tools and concepts in your classroom.

As you begin to work through the course, you will notice a that each Tool is explained first (Introduction); then further information is presented, usually in the form of a short video (Discovery Exercise), and, third, you will have the opportunity to play with the Tool (Tech Task).
  1. Introduction

  2. Discovery Exercise

  3. Tech Task

After following this sequence, you will, typically, reflect on your experience in a blog post.

Occasionally a Stretch task is included. While not required, these are included to help you to explore further.

The emphasis is on playing, exploring, learning, trying.

We have organized the areas to cover in several categories that somewhat build on each other. You can, of course, try anything you like, but if you go sequentially through the menu, you will find these new tools make logical sense.

You are not on an island! We are here to help you. You will be part of a group and we are the coaches. Sound like fun?

Let's go!