Welcome to Tools & Tasks 4 Tech

A Tool Belt of Current Technology

By BoomeraATV

This summer (2010) over 10 Parker educators took part in the first 23 Things online professional development sessions at Parker. It lasted 10 weeks and involved faculty and administrators on both campuses! Congratulations to all who participated and, especially so, for those who explored their way all the way through to complete the course.

We decided to bring this professional development course home to Parker and make it available to our faculty and staff again. This way we can also customize it for our needs and keep it up-to-date as new technologies emerge. To make it our own, we have renamed it Tools & Tasks 4 Tech, A Tool Belt of Current Technology.

We have sifted through the 23 Things of the summer course and distilled what we think is most relevant and useful into 18 or so categories of tools.

To get started, all you need to do is click on the Introduction link on the left menu. Enjoy the journey!